Love at First Bite

Brownie Cheesecake and Arabica Coffee

What a hidden gem of gluttonous delight!  To get to this lovely dessert shop, you have to drive down an unassuming Soi right after crossing East on the Nawarat Bridge. Because it’s located in such a tucked away spot, you are immediately transported into a garden of serenity and jazz tunes upon stepping into the grounds.  Inside the tiny shop, you’ll find cakes, pies, cookies and other enticing treats, but the garden area is where you really want to be.  Adorable garden tables and chairs are spread around the outside patio, surrounded by trees, lush grass and a mock waterfall.

Since I have a serious addiction to brownies, I have been on the hunt for that perfectly textured chocolatey square in Chiang Mai for over a month now.  I was intent on trying LFB’s macadamia brownie, but the large menu, filled with pictures of Western-style desserts to make you water at the mouth, quickly diverted my attention to the assorted cheesecakes.  Hmmm, yes, the Brownie Cheesecake it was (great compromise, yeah?)!  I also ordered an iced latte to top it off.

Service: Excellent, lightning fast

Food: Highly recommend the Arabica coffee.  I nearly did a double-take after my first sip.  Aware that ordering “coffee” in Chiang Mai actually means ordering a “cup of sugar with a splash of coffee syrup,” I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the heavy, robust, yet creamy coffee flavor, especially as it was an iced latte.  Not saying it’s the best coffee I’ve ever had, but definitely takes the gold in CM thus far.

While the brownie in the cheesecake was not as fudgy as I had hoped, the cheesecake itself was heavenly.  Rich, smooth and moist!  I would have liked a more tangy, cheese flavor, but I was definitely happy with my choice.

Price: 80 baht coffee, 85 baht cheesecake

Ambience: Relaxed, peaceful.  Great place to chill with a few friends or read a book!

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