Pork Buns

Sarapao Muu

One of my favorite Chinese street foods is the savory steamed Pork Bun (Sarapao Muu). Now in Thailand!  Not only is it scrumptious to bite into, it can also warm your hands on a hot day, be juggled, feed the poor expat, save you from vicious street dogs chasing your motorbike, etc!  So versatile and so delicious, all the while costing nearly nothing.

My go-to sarapao street cart is next to the 7-Eleven on Santitham Rd., near Morakot Rd. in Chang Phuak. At only 5THB per luu (classifier word for steamed rolled foods), it really can’t be beat.  It’s not the traditional red pork filling however; rather, you should expect a softer steamed ground pork filling.  The Sarapao guy – need to get his name – is a happy man and sells a few other varieties of sarapao, which I have yet to try!

I usually buy 20THB worth at a time and refrigerate them for breakfast over the next couple of days.  Everytime I have one of these in my hands, I feel like a crazed starving survivor just rescued from being lost in the woods for a week.

Can’t wait for my morning treat tomorrow!

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