Dial 199 for Emergency

Scary experience yesterday.  I landed myself in the hospital due to who-knows-what.  I woke up in the morning nauseous and short of breath with a killer headache.  Going to be blunt, I got up to go #3, which happened 3 times throughout an hour span.  As I was brushing my teeth, my legs went weak and I became very light-headed.  I followed my former doctor’s advice and knelt down on the ground, knees pulled up to my chest (I fainted in a bar before – dehydration, so I know how this works).  I gulped down a bottle of water, but still felt dizzy and sick to my stomach.  Finally got my co-worker to drive me to the hospital, Chiang Mai Ram.  The wait was short, but the nurses seemed so rushed, running back and forth like they had a bus load of patients coming in…

Well, the doc saw me for less than a minute and diagnosed me with possible food poisoning. ok.  I left the hospital with a crap ton of meds and 1800THB in the hole.  At least I feel better today!

Do I really need 6 prescriptions??


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