Brownie Edition

My addiction to brownies (not the special ones) has led me to scour not only the Chiang Mai baked goods scene, but also cafes/dessert shops/bakeries/food stands across Thailand.  There are a few different camps of Brownie Lovers: Cakey, Fudgy and Chewy.  While I detest the Cakeys for trying to ruin brownie culture, I am a fan of the other camps; however, I will always be a diehard Chewy.


1 – bitch this ain’t a brownie, not even close.

2 – I didn’t order chocolate cake fool.

3 – Meh.

4 – Tastes good, but something is off.

5 – gooey but crispy on the outside, gonna make me gain 5kilos, I shat brownies Perfection!

This post will be continually updated as I make more discoveries of delicious (or not so) chewy chocolatey bricks.  


AKHA AMA CAFE, Hussadisawee Soi 5, Chang Phuak, Chiang Mai

The brownie was alright (better than Bakerista)- not really a fan of the cashews on top. It’s like a daily brownie, not too rich, mild in flavor, moist, half fudge half cake. But, I’m looking for that special occasion brownie that makes me want to punch people who try to get a bite of mine ;D

CHARIN BAKERY, Nimmanhaemin Soi 11, Chiang Mai

While enjoyable, this tasted like a vegan brownie. It was dense, but the flavor was lacking, only to be partially made up by the hot fudge syrup the shop sprinkled over it.

BAKERISTA in Chang Phuak, Chiang Mai

Bakerista’s Macadamia Brownie was better than chocolate cake and it was moist, but nowhere near my ideal texture.

IBERRY on Nimmanhaemin Soi 17, Chiang Mai

It took me 4 months, but I finally found a brownie with an almost solid mixture of chewiness, fudgyness and richness. It was dense and gooey, but tended toward the fudge bar side. I do love the touch of the macadamia nuts!

COFFEE IS at Banana Leaf Plaza in Ari, Bangkok

Wow. Give me more. This is basically a tin cup of pure fudge mixed with peanuts and covered in cocoa powder. Because it was chilled, a refreshing sensation immediately pleasures your mouth. Aphrodisiac, oh yes. Only knocking a point off because this is more of a fudge dessert than a brownie.


  1. Mah-ree-sah

    Yoga Tree has awesome brownies near Suan Dok Gate. Your research isn’t complete until you try one of those!

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