Food Delivery Services

Chiang Mai definitely has not conquered the food delivery market yet (any takers?), so the list below won’t amaze you, but if you’re sick or lazy or whatever, here ya go~

Lemon Tree: One of my favorite Thai restaurants, Lemon Tree now delivers! 70THB delivery charge, 053-404-411; 053-222-009

Meals on Wheels 4U

The restaurants here are a bit pricey (for me, that’s over 100THB), but the service has the best selection of cuisine from around Old City. If you live outside of Old City, delivery fee is 70THB and takes about an hour.

The Dukes

New Delhi

3 Little Pigs

Smoothie Blues

Just Khao Soy

A great new addition to the delivery scene in CM! Features many of the same restaurants as MoW and a whole list more. Has a more user friendly website than most of these other guys. Delivery fee is 70THB outside Old City, but sometimes have delivery deals.

Chiang Mai Delivery:

Similar to Meals on Wheels, but offers a few grocery products as well. Delivery fee starts at 60THB.

The Pizza Company

Call 1112

Chester’s Grill:

It’s like an American/Thai fusion place. Call 1145

S&P in Tops Market: Call (053-357-777)

Range of cuisines, but mostly Thai and American/Western

KFC & Pizza Hut: Call 1150

McDonalds and Burger King: Look up the location nearest you

Let me know if you find out about any others because, you know, Lazy Sundays are a thing for Americans.

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