Coup d’état for Humanity

Entirely buried under my duvet, hugging this mosquito killer tennis racquet tonight, as I tend to do many nights, I began to wonder what my life has become. Not only does the fear of giant mozzie bites pervade my every thought and nightmare, but it has surely been realized in the 25 or so painfully irritating red mounds inflicting all regions of my body. Is my very being what I must sacrifice in order to “find myself” in Thailand? Must I cower in fear every single night, obsessively apply minty itch-relief cream every morning and toil with spraying on organic/pesticide-free/environmentally-safe bug repellent every day or shall I defend my right, humanity’s right, to live freely in the pursuit of happiness without misery according to life-affirming values in an uprising against the oppressive ruthless regime of the cruel Bloodsuckers? I say to thee! Let us band together and not let life affect us, but let us affect our lives. We must and shall take back that which belong to us, our body, our blood, our soul. Annihilate the species, for peace and for freedom.

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