Video Montage of a Hill Tribe Woman

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The Life Skills Development Foundation (TLSDF) and photographer, Daylin Paul, are collaborating to support those affected by HIV/AIDS in migrant and indigenous communities.  Indigenous Karen woman, Naw, has agreed to share her story about living with HIV in a remote hill tribe, where quality healthcare is rare and social stigmas are rampant.

Watch the beautiful video montage of  Naw and read her story here:

Help us reach our goal and all funds will be donated to running the film project with Naw and to TLSDF’s HIV/AIDS program for children and families. Cheers!

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An American Expat in Chiang Mai, Thailand ​ Not willing to settle down just yet - I'm only in my mid-twenties after all - I took a leap across the big big pond and fell onto Thai soil. Well, it was a little less spontaneous than that... ​ After a grueling application process, Princeton in Asia bestowed upon me a one-year fellowship with The Life Skills Development Foundation in Chiang Mai. A renowned child rights non-profit foundation in Northern Thailand, TLSDF is giving me the opportunity to research critical social issues, travel across field sites in the nation's upper regions, converse with the international human rights community and of course, learn Thai! ​ This is my life - the beauty, struggle, culture shock and adventure - in the charming city of Chiang Mai. Blog: UPDATE: Chiang Mai got me for 2 years!

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