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Pranom Health Massage

Behind Wawee Coffee in Old City


The masseuses here are pros and they give some of the best massages in Chiang Mai. It’s not a spa massage and it’s not a relaxing environment; it’s an open setting where anyone walking by the shop can see you getting stretched out. Once I’m on the mat though, none of that matters. These ladies know how to work out a kink. Anytime I get a back ache or just want a head massage, I go here for the slightly painful, but really oh-so-good treatment.

Herbal Steam House

South end of Ratchaphakinai


I love the private rooms, dark lighting, soothing music and post-massage tea! The massages are great, if you get a good masseuse, and most of them are. They also have lovely hot showers and rooftop herbal steam saunas, frequented by Thais and expats alike!


46/1 Ratchadamnoen, West of Prapokkloa Rd.

200THB/hr. (Foot Massage and Thai Massage)

Wonderfully soothing ambience. With every treatment, you are gifted with hot tea, a cold face towel, lemongrass and lime foot wash and green tea foot scrub. The herbal aromas put you in a therapeutic state straightaway. I went with a friend and we were given our own personal room, which had dim lighting, classical music and gold and brown decor. To ensure I was warm and comfortable, I was given a blanket and pillow, plus a towel over the eyes. A nice warm oil was spread on my feet and legs as I dozed off into heaven…..

(Thai Name) – Picture below. 

Chotana Rd.


Great pressure and lovely room! I did a 2-hour Thai massage here and can’t wait to go back. Tough, but not too painful. It’s between Chiang Mai and Mae Rim, and worth the drive.



Robin Beauty & Barber – For your waxing needs, Kung is awesome! She’s got a spunky personality and makes you feel immediately comfortable. She uses organic waxes and makes your experience as painless as possible. Her prices are half that of most salons, as well! Moon Muang Soi 8

Green House Salon – Mani/Pedi. They are the only shop I know of in CM that specializes in OPI lacquer. 300THB for a pedi and worth it! Comfortable lazy boy chairs, tranquil  atmosphere and friendly ladies! I accidentally smooshed my nail before it had dried and they had no problem doing it all over again for me. A huge array of OPI colors too! Chotana Rd., just before Lanna Golf



McCormick is my favorite hospital in town for its English proficiency and service. I’ve been there twice and treated like a princess each time! They really go out of their way to make you comfortable and are all very friendly. The doctors and nurses speak English fairly well, so I didn’t have any trouble explaining my minor problems to them.  The prices are much lower than at Ram and it’s never been very crowded the times I went either. They also did not push unnecessary medication on me like some hospitals do. 

Chiang Mai Ram makes me feel like herded cattle and is way over-priced, but the doctors speak excellent English. For major issues, I would go here until I get my Thai down. They do push you to buy meds you don’t need and don’t explain it well. For example, I was prescribed 6 different pills for a bout of dehydration, mostly energy powder and stomach pills that I “needed,” costing over 1000THB. That wasn’t explained to me, so I had no idea until my Thai friend read the labels. Make sure you ask explicitly what the name of the medication is, then look it up to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. 

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An American Expat in Chiang Mai, Thailand ​ Not willing to settle down just yet - I'm only in my mid-twenties after all - I took a leap across the big big pond and fell onto Thai soil. Well, it was a little less spontaneous than that... ​ After a grueling application process, Princeton in Asia bestowed upon me a one-year fellowship with The Life Skills Development Foundation in Chiang Mai. A renowned child rights non-profit foundation in Northern Thailand, TLSDF is giving me the opportunity to research critical social issues, travel across field sites in the nation's upper regions, converse with the international human rights community and of course, learn Thai! ​ This is my life - the beauty, struggle, culture shock and adventure - in the charming city of Chiang Mai. Blog: UPDATE: Chiang Mai got me for 2 years!

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  1. I like how this page show some suggestions about health and beauty spas in Chiang Mai. For me I always visit Nail salon and spa every other week.

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