Mae Ngat Dam

About 30 minutes north of the main city, Mae Ngat Dam was the ideal chill-out weekend escape with friends. A large clean-water dam, Mae Ngat is surrounded by layers of hills, forming a valley-like atmosphere. Overwater bungalows are strung out around the edges of the middle portion of the dam and are furnished with Thai stone grills, benches, beds, diving platforms, life jackets and rafts.

Rollin through 16 deep, we rented out an entire overwater bungalow complex and made that section of water our very own. Freely diving off a high plank into temp-perfect water in scorching heat is a definite refreshing paradisiac! Since my bungalow was isolated from the rest, I felt comfortable sunbathing in a bikini (not appropriate amongst Thais in northern Thailand). Once it got too hot, I just turned my head, plopped over the deck into the cool water and back-floated on a life jacket. For a jaded expat, it’s one of those moments where you stop and realize, I LIVE in THAILAND! How the hell did I become this lucky?!

The best part is there is no wifi, so you are forced to break with the outside world and engage with the people you are presently with. BBQ, beers, funny videos, water fights and true person-to-person connection made this an unforgettable weekend for me!

Can’t wait to check out the similar Huay Tung Tao and Chiang Mai Reservoir!


Boats to get to our bungalows

IMG_7242 IMG_7266 IMG_7299 IMG_7278

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