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February 2 2014

I saw this video a while back and it brought me to tears. Yes, it resonated with me that much. I recently watched it again and it had just about the same effect. Love how she analyzes a tired time-old issue in such a refreshing and beautiful way:

Lily Myers, Shrinking Women, Button Poetry

January 21 2014


July 7 2013

On a mission to tackle the challenge of road racing. After spraining my ankle a few months ago, I’ve been aching to get back in the running scene. While my ankle is still not completely healed, I have drawn up a list of races I want need to run in the near future. There’s the Bangkok Standard Chartered, Angkor Wat Half Marathon, North Face 100K, Chiang Mai Marathon, plus more I’ll be looking into. Will probably do pool laps until I can run again, so can’t wait to kick this sprain and beast mode it around CM roads soon!

June 7 2013

Buzzfeed killed it with their new post on art realism.

More than a couple of these artists stood out to me, especially Gregory Thielker’s oil on canvas, Lee Price’s oil on linen and Mike Bayne’s oil on wood panel. The paintings vividly capture the mood of each scene and brought me right into their captivating moments. I think my room is in need of some redecorating!

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 3.20.55 PM

June 4 2013

A Thai friend of mine is a truly talented artist and his work makes me want to go to art school. When I first met him last year, I had no idea he was an artist until our mutual friend told me. I saw some of his art and I thought they were black and white photographs until he told me he drew them!! They are actually paintings, very realistic-looking ones. What an eye for specific facial features – every wrinkle, crooked smile, sparkling eye, shirt crease, or skin shade fluctuation. I had to have something of his. When Mother’s and Father’s days rolled around this year, I figured out the perfect project for Rattapon Pirat (nicknamed Baam), a painting of my parents!

Some of his New York paintings are featured on National Geographic’s Novica site:

Look at the beaut!

Charcoal Painting by Rattapon Pirat

Charcoal Painting by Rattapon Pirat

May 30 2013

Finn and Milo Travers – two dudes from Totnes who have traversed the SE Asian region as adventurous backpackers. I love the use of their film photography:











May 22 2013

Mango Popsicle will appeal to your creative senses with its brilliant eye-catching features of artwork from all mango-producing nations (i.e. Mainly Asia and South America)! The site is dedicated to up-and-coming and established artists in paint, illustration, photography, fashion, digital, etc. – any form of art really. Anu Rana, the owner of the site, has great taste and shows off striking images such as these: 





May 18 2013

Lana Del Rey is wonderful and this video is a masterpiece:

The composition, shadowing and voice remind me of an olden time, and my thoughts? Celebrate your beauty, no matter the age.

May 14 2013

Before I moved to Thailand, I lived in New York and worked at ?What If! Innovation, an innovation consulting firm with über-talented individuals and colleague inspiration popping out from every airspace in the building. One of the Leads there, Cara Thomas, recently embarked upon a 3-month journey around SE Asia and is writing a blog about her undertakings. Not just any ol’ typical travel blog though. She’s made an enhancement of the usual backpacker mission of seeing the world by involving her friends and family to create 1-day challenges for her to accomplish.

Encouraging oneself into maybe not the most comfortable of situations is what all travelers are trying to do, yes? Well, Cara goes at it without hesitation and blindly throws herself into these fabulously stimulating challenges, experiencing more than a few unique adventures we all should strive to have. Which sitch could I attempt first to give more spark to my already rockin’ expat life?

Yes to Excess is not about material excess or hedonism, but about an excessive and adventurous way of being that’s open, honest and willing… at its most basic, it’s pretty much just saying yes.

Here’s how it works: Over the next month, I am enlisting you, my amazingly creative and brilliant friends and family, to (collectively) give me at least 90 challenges to do in my 90 days away. They can be deep, physical, silly, serious, ridiculous or just plain adventurous… but, they should evoke an emotion and should be feasible for most global locations.

So, before you have me smooching ten men on Mount Everest, make sure the challenges that you write are ones that you could and would do, too… because we’re sparking a movement to embrace living Yes to Excess.

Every morning, I’ll pick a new challenge and post it here and to Instagram (#yestoexcess). I (and all of you, if you choose to accept this mission!) will have 24 hours to complete each day’s challenge. Blog it, ‘gram it, ‘book it, but always hashtag it (#yestoexcess), so we can spark the yes heard ’round the world.

May 13 2013

Skurktur, Norway

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 11.29.39 PM

May 12 2013

Maybe fashion design is materialistic and impractical to some, but it is another form of creative expression to me, which unfortunately, like most art, has been heavily commoditized. In any case, summer is upon us, meaning Beaches, Beaches, Beaches! I love innovative swimwear style and unique patterns, and Mara Hoffman just blew me away! A taste of what I want in my life:

mara hoffman Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.32.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.33.12 PM tumblr_lom4zpHtAJ1qd4tmmo1_500

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