I’m in the News! Cool

Not to be vain or anything. The article is about the children and beneficiaries in TLSDF’s programs, but still, it’s pretty cool to see myself quoted 😀

James Austin Farrell, Editor of City News Chiang Mai, got wind of our Global Action event and Daylin’s Photo project about a month ago and emailed me to learn more. While most news outlets in Chiang Mai just touch the surface of the city’s issues and happenings, I love that James has a deeper interest in exploring controversial social and political issues to report to the public. My Director and I had a great conversation with him about what our organization does and the impact it’s had within Thai indigenous and tribe communities, and Daylin was able to reveal more about his motivation behind the HIV/AIDS photo project. You can read the full story on the City News website: http://www.chiangmaicitynews.com/news.php?id=1872

Here’s an excerpt from Drowning Out the Stigma of HIV/AIDS in Northern Thailand:

(that’s me! –>)

Jessica Scalzo, who works at the centre in Chiang Mai, explained that, “In engaging local communities, training indigenous and minority groups in career and life skills, we have had huge success.”

She adds that their emphasis is on training and sustainability, and that after TLSDF has been in a community one year enough locals should have been trained and the organisation can leave, although Scalzo stresses, “The one year refers to our management of day care centres as part of the Early Childhood Care and Development – ECCD-programme. We may work with the same community for multiple years and we consistently work with the same youth groups on leadership skills and UN CRC knowledge.”  She reiterates that sustainability and self-sufficiency are key factors. TLSDF doesn’t completely withdraw at the end of a project cycle, rather they conduct follow-ups to ensure a smooth transition.


Photo owned by TLSDF and taken by Daylin Paul

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