Free Chiang Mai

This month, electricity and traveling ate up more of my money than expected. Then, I lost a wad of cash somewhere on the streets of Nimman (If you find 1300THB, it’s mine, please return) and I also had to take my bike to the shop for worn out brakes, tires, engine and lights.  All this got me thinking, life can be expensive at times, so where can I get Chiang Mai freebies?

Free To Get

  • Vegetarian Food at the Chiang Mai Vegetarian Club – CM Vegetarian Society runs this community initiative buffet on Mahidol Rd.
  • Couch Surfers – Free accommodation and new friends
  • Phone Call w/ AIS SIM – Dial *222*(Number) to send a free “call me back” sms
  • Raintree Library – Borrow books, DVD’s, magazines, etc.
  • Big C – Free samples of food/drinks
  • True Move SIM – AOT hands out free SIM cards at the Chiang Mai Airport Baggage Claim
  • Snack/DinnerBangkok Airways allows every class of passenger to relax in its airport lounge and munch on free popcorn, curry pockets, breads, cakes, juice, coffee, etc.
  • Air Asia Free Seats – The 0THB flight seats competition occurs about twice a year
  • uhhhhh…kittens?…

…I’ll continue my search and add more to list as I uncover the hidden freebies of CM. In the meantime, I’ll be dumpster diving 😀

Free To Do

There are an abundance of free things to do in Chiang Mai and most expat blogs have them covered (10 Free Things), so I’ll try to list lesser known activities:

  • TCDC art, design and innovation exhibitions
  • Slackline in Nong Buak Park – Practice your balancing skills on Thursday late afternoons
  • Yoga Tree Meditation
  • Tuesday Night Pool at Crying Tiger Bar in the Jed Yod area
  • Badminton/Tennis courts at Payap University (behind Big C)
  • Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium – Sports Fields and Track
  • Hash House Harriers Chiang Mai – Non-competitive adventure/obstacle runs with loud crazy people. It’s more about drinking than running.
  • Loi Kroh “Muay Thai Fight” after 11pm – It’s in quotations because it is more entertainment and amateur than actual fighting. The ticket lady leaves after the crowd wanes, so you can still catch a couple of matches by going late-night.
  • Care for Dogs – Volunteer to socialize and play with the homeless dogs of CM
  • Electronic Dance Stages in Old City during Songkran
  • Loy Krathong Lantern Release (1st Weekend) at Mae Jo University

*While this post is for entertainment, if you are truly in need, please contact the Issarachon Foundation, who can provide you with assistance:

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