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28 October 2013

Today, my download reported it would take 55 years and 143 minutes to complete. 3BB Wi-fi is building the anticipation, eh?

2 October 2013

Today, a friend asked me, “Do you want to eat dinner at 7?” And I exclaimed with disgust, “What? WHY?!” I thought he was asking if I wanted to grab dinner at 7 Eleven, simply referred to as “7” in Chiang Mai. Because everyone does everything at 7 Eleven, one can easily see how this place has corrupted my mind. He had meant, 7pm, btw.

31 August 2013

Today, I woke up in a sweat with red measle-like spots spreading all over my body, a bad headache, pained joints, stiff neck, exhaustion and a rapidly paced heartbeat. I realized I have come down with dengue fever or a viral disease similar to it. I just hope this all goes away before my China trip on Wednesday. Think about it – me trying to get through paranoid Chinese customs with a fever and red spots all over my face. Won’t raise any bells at all!

20 August 2013

Today, a housemate and I found a huge lumpy toad just inside our house. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to keep it as a pet. My cats wanted to eat it.

6 August 2013

Today, I realized how much I despise lizard poop/urine pellets. It’s black, white and all over my desk and in my cereal. Sometimes, it drops on me from the ceiling. I really need some more Buddhist influence in my life so I can truly appreciate all living things. Except for mosquitoes. Never mosquitoes.

4 August 2013

Today, I started learning to ride a full manual motorcycle! What a thrill! A fellow PiA’er, courageously, allowed me to learn on his suave black bike. Had a few hiccups trying to learn how to slowly release the clutch while accelerating, but after that, it’s not so bad. 1st lesson was Starting a Bike and 1st to 2nd Gear Change. I think I’m ready to buy my own Harley now, maybe a Chopper.

3 August 2013

Today, I was discussing the strategy of Candy Crush with my friend at a group dinner and a man of white persuasion sitting at the table decided to join our conversation: “I don’t like those phone games. Only Asian people play them.”  -_-

Me: Wondering if I misheard, “…sorry, what was that?” “Only Asian people play those games.” “That’s not true.” “Yeah it is. Every time you go somewhere, it’s always only Asian people (mimics fingers pushing cell phone buttons with exaggerated open-mouthed grin).”  =O

My friend: “I don’t like him.” Yup, too far gone to educate.

8 July 2013

Today, I found out I tend to mispronounce a Thai street name and say “stinky vagina” instead. Of course. One of the most popular roads in Chiang Mai is Nimmanhaemin (said with strong accent on the last two syllables); however, if “Nimmanhaemin” is spoken without the accents, it reads “Nimman’s stinky vagina.” Now I know why they made this the expat neighborhood.

6 June 2013

Today, I went to Sriphat Hospital to have a shard of glass removed from my cornea. I suppose it flew behind my mask and into my eye when I was motorbiking it down Chang Phuak and decided to take up lodging right under my eyelid. It hurt like a bizatch. Geez, even driving with a helmet is still dangerous! After diagnosing the problem, the doc procured a needle about the size of my forearm and I almost gagged at the thought of it going into my eye. “No, no” he reassured me, “It’s not going to be injected. Just to slip the glass out.” Whew, a relief. Too bad I didn’t get to keep the glass as a memento for my journal.

1 June 2013

Today, I got the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot on the Chiang Mai railroad! I met the photographer, David Sala, at a Burma charity event last month and was surprised he asked me to be a model for his growing portfolio. Though I may have been a bit awkward at posing and knowing what to do, he was fun to work with and I didn’t have a problem just being goofy every once in a while. The tracks were a perfect background – the colors, gritty-ness, colorful sheds, etc. Totally got my Blue Steel on.

Photo by David Sala

Photo by David Sala

31 May 2013

Today, I went to a sick metal concert at my favorite bar. It was packed to the brim, and even though I don’t know much about metal music, I was so into these bands. Somehow, I managed to get a spot near the front (but away from the head bangers), so I got the full effect of the screaming and jumping around and skilled bass/guitar playing. While I won’t be downloading metal music anytime soon, I would definitely be down to go to another concert!


Romantic Lighting

19 May 2013

Today, this happened to me while driving my motorbike in a dress:

I was the one who got wet, if you couldn’t guess.

18 May 2013

Today, I finished the PiA Thailand Calendar! A collection of photos from the month of April 2013, mostly during Sonkran, and custom designed pages will represent some great moments of the crew 😀 It was supposed to be a swimsuit issue, but we didn’t have enough bodies in swimsuits to fill up the calendar, so it’s a mix swimsuit/fun-times feature. Love all my new friends in this!!


15 May 2013

Today, I crashed into the asphalt on my friend’s motorbike. My own motorbike had broken down, so I borrowed another one to get around town. Not realizing one of his brakes didn’t work correctly, I couldn’t come to a clean stop when the truck in front of me suddenly braked for no apparent reason, so I jumped ship and landed on my shoulder in the road. Maybe he saw a parking space…from the fast lane (sometimes, I hate Thai drivers)?! Just a slight bruise, but the funny thing was that it happened all so ironically: I ended up crashing right in front of a new opening of a store where about 20 decorated policemen were lined up for a picture. I hit the ground –> huge gasp from the sidewalk and 10 policemen rushing to my aid –> total damsel in distress moment.

14 May 2013

Today, my Thai co-worker told me to be mute and deaf. Story goes…I can’t speak Thai very well, so every time I need to buy something for work, I can’t explain in full detail what I need from the Thai salespeople. Either the receipt is incorrect (in Thailand, submitted receipts need special info and stamp by the store for approval by the finance dept.) or the item isn’t exactly what I ordered, etc. Plus, I always get quoted the “foreigner price.” On this particular trip out, my co-worker told me as long as I don’t speak and pretend I can’t hear, the salespeople will just think I’m a a mute deaf Thai girl and quote me the “Thai price.” She sent me off with a little sticky note explaining exactly what I needed and off to the store I went! Not so PC, but then again, what is in this country?

13 May 2013

Today, I bought a pastrami sandwich on baguette from Amazing Sandwich and brought it to work for lunch. I opened the bag at the lunch table, and I’ve never gotten so many looks of wonderment from people over a sandwich before. All my Thai co-workers paused to curiously stare at me eating and discern what this soft and colorfully layered log was, which I happened to be shoving into my mouth (don’t say “that’s what she said”). After I explained to them “pastrami” is a meat, one commented, “That is not a meal for me. Bread? No, not real food.” Oh the joys of living in a rice country!

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