TEDx Chiang Mai

TEDx Chiang Mai took place Sept. 14 and it blew my expectations out the water! What a well-organized, creative and inspiring event. Aside from the actual speaker presentations, a wonderful variety of vendors sponsored and participated in the event. Free shoulder massages, elephant statue gifts, 3-D printer gifts, complimentary baked goods, free lunch buffet and discounts on CMRCA were among the goodies given out during the day. For only 300THB/ticket ?? – That’s a killer deal.


I was only able to attend for 2 sessions, but wish I could have stayed until the end. Some notable speakers were:

1. Boaz Zippor, Poet

Boaz was probably my favorite speaker of the day. Through his on-stage charisma, passionate spirit and ‘take-risks’ attitude, he captured the minds of all. His engaging talk prompted many to inject creativity into their daily lives and proved poetry is not just an art, but a lifestyle.

2. Lee Ayu Chuepa, Akha Ama Coffee Founder

From a remote hill-tribe villager to a big-time coffee exporter, and with the humbleness of a tiny coffee shop owner: Lee Ayu’s story is every bit inspirational. He’s made his journey a motivational point for every entrepreneur or anyone wanting to do something “more.”

3. Dr. Thomas Tilley, Robotics Expert

He makes robots out of lollipops and Nintendo controllers. And wins major competitions with them. Sick.

4. Apivich Hemachandra, Student

This was the most charming and heartwarming talk of the day! This pointedly hilarious high schooler told the tale of his first love, a girl at school, and his second, music.

5. Supawut Boonmahathanakorn, Architect

The ultimate lesson for the do-gooders of the world: Rather than decide what a community needs, live with them first. Work with them. Understand them. Then, facilitate a process where they can identify their needs and help make their ideas come into realization. Maybe building water dams is your passion project, but maybe there’s something even more beneficial…

6. Yada Pruksachatkun, Student & Non-profit Founder

This high schooler is going to do great things in the world. Through her battle with finding a voice (literally) as a younger child and discovery of expression through dance, she found an overlooked population in the charity world and decided to do something about it. Check out her website: lightfootstepsdance.wordpress.com

You can get a quick version of their talks in the TEDxCM visual notes. Notes are just better visually, so don’t knock the “doodlers” of the world:


See more of last weekend’s TEDx at tedxchiangmai.com.



IMG_1237 IMG_1235

Original Post August 1, 2013:


Who loves TEDx?! YOU DO! And now TEDx is bringing some of the best minds in Thailand to the heart of Chiang Mai.

I’m overly exuberant for this event to be taking place in CM this September and even more so, to be part of the Organising Team. Once I heard TEDx was coming, I knew I had to be involved with it. Thus, here I am spreading the word!

The focus this year is on Smart Societies, so presentations will inspire innovative methods of improving city planning, developing sustainable environmentally-friendly projects, tapping into the talent of CM residents, understanding human psychology, etc. It’ll even feature a program of Chiang Mai University student speakers, who have, so far, blown me away with their fresh ideas. Auditions have seen the likes of prominent doctors, robotics developers, and philanthropists, from Thailand and around the world. I can’t wait for the final speaker listing!

Check out the website to buy (ridiculously cheap) tickets and enjoy some TEDx video inspiration today:

TEDx Chiang Mai: http://www.tedxchiangmai.com/

TEDx: http://www.ted.com/tedx

We are also looking for more sponsors, so if you’d like to advertise your business or host a booth at the event (Meridien Hotel), feel free to contact the team.

Cheers All!


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