Budgeting for Chiang Mai

For basic cost of living, here are my monthly numbers living 10min. outside of Old City in a local neighborhood. The highest concentration of young expats is in the Nimmanhaemin area, but once you’ve lived here for a year, you tend to leave for cheaper rent and larger spaces. This is me being fabulous on a budget, though I’m not sure how it compares with the Nimman area expats since their cost of living is much higher.

Rent: 2500 THB = 5 bedroom house in Chang Phuak shared with 4 friends (Total is 10K THB, so we vary the prices based on room size 1200-2700THB)

Electricity: Winter/180THB; Hot Season/600-1000THB

Internet: 130 THB (Total is 640THB for house)

Muban Water: 50 THB

Security Guard: 20 THB (mandatory for the community)

Bottled Water Delivery: 40 THB

Household Supplies: 500 THB

Cat Care: 500 THB

Phone: 300 THB

Motorbike Gas: 500 THB

Groceries/Food/Restaurants: 8000 THB (4000THB for shoe-string budget)

Entertainment (Weekend Activities, Alcohol,…more alcohol): 2500 THB

Unexpected expenses (medicine, bike repairs, computer misc., visa): 1500 THB


TOTAL: About 14,000+THB

(Does not include travel adventures or personal shopping)

Originally published February 13, 2013.

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