Low-Cost Airlines in Asia

First off, check out the fare comparison site, Skyscanner.com. I use it religiously to search for international flights because they have a wonderful low-fare calendar and does a great job aggregating the hundreds of airlines. Plus, you can search from your location to “everywhere,” meaning it’ll find you the cheapest flight from your city to any other in the world.

Another site used by frequent fliers and travel hackers is the Travel Hack Cartel. These experts are able to find you the newest deals on getting cheap flights, tons of miles, airline promotions, etc. They even guarantee you will receive a 4 free flights per year by using their site and the reviewers agree. There a $1 14-day trial period, then a choice of three monthly programs for $15/$25/$39. When you sign up, you can refer friends to win 500 miles per sign up, so…if you’re interested, help me acquire miles and use my link: http://travelhacking.org/jscalzo-wants-you

Thanks! Now onto the real post:

List of my most used low-cost / budget airlines in Thailand:

*names link to sites

Air Asia

Domestic and International

Cheap, tons of routes and flights all day! They just refurbished their planes with new seats (although foot space is still extremely small) and are perfect for flights throughout Asia. Baggage prices have increased, so watch out for that. Make sure to claim baggage when you book the flight or you may be “legally extorted” out of thousands of baht (6000THB in my case). Join their Big Shot club to get deals, if you fly often.(DMK)

Tiger Air


I haven’t yet tried Tiger, so can’t comment on the quality. Prices are not anything to get excited about, but they sometimes have good promotions. (BKK)

Thai Lion Air

Domestic and International (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia only)

A solid choice, especially the 800THB Bangkok-Chiang Mai route. Book about a week or two before your trip to lock in the low fares. (DMK)

Bangkok Airways

Domestic and International

A ’boutique airline,’ whatever that means. They are usually a bit pricier, but when they have promotions, get on it! They are my favorite airline by far, mostly because of their airport lounge, which any passenger can enter. The lounge gets you free wifi, snacks (popcorn, hot pockets, baked goods, coffee, juice, etc.) – more like a free dinner – comfy couches for napping, TV and computer usage. There is a good amount of leg room as well. (BKK)



Based out of Chiang Mai, Kan Air operates in Northern Thailand (Mae Hong Son, Pai, Chiang Rai, Nan, Chiang Mai)


Domestic and International (Laos, Myanmar, Thailand)

I consider Nok an “alternative destination” airline, as in they go to many cities the above airlines skim over, and for cheaper. (DMK)

Orient Thai

Domestic (Chiang Mai – Pai, Bangkok – Phuket)

Because they only fly a couple routes, they often have great deals compared to the competition. (DMK or BKK)


Thailand – Philippines

Super cheap and also the best option for any domestic flights within the Philippines. They have dozens of promotions everyday, so you’re bound to get the best rates if you’re flexible. (BKK)

Thai Smile


They tout themselves as low-cost, but no. (BKK)

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