1. Pauline V.


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  2. Phumin

    Hello Red mud stain

    I am working with Orphans children in Myanmar. It there any way that we can join for help these children?

  3. jamie

    Hey! I just read your comment about your GRE books… do you still have them? willing to sell? pretty please? I’m on the hunt just like you are!

  4. hello! you have any idea..where i could if i so chose sell or donate all my clothing in chiang mai??..i have lots!! sa ja x

  5. Leila


    I’m a Bay Area college student — also Asian American — about to graduate, and I’m really contemplating working and living in Thailand. I’m hesitant, though, because I have never lived abroad, and it would be a huge leap. In your opinion, do you think it’s more difficult for an Asian-American, female expat to live/work in Thailand (as opposed to saying a male expat or just a Caucasian expat)?

    • Hi Leila! So sorry I’m replying 3 months later – just saw your comment today. If you haven’t decided already, you should definitely work abroad and Thailand is a perfect first step for the transition. It’s fairly easy to live here compared to other SE Asian countries. Be aware of the strict foreign worker laws, however. Foreigners cannot be employed in any job a Thai can do, so you are basically limited to teaching or a few NGO positions in Chiang Mai. Bangkok would have many more opportunities.

      I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult for an Asian American, it is just a very different experience.

      • Leila

        Hi Redmudstain!

        Thank you so much for your reply! I’m still really looking into working in Thailand, and I’m in the process of searching for NGOs either in Chiang Mai or Bangkok.

  6. janice

    you asked for any other decent blogs on chiang mai …. please take a look at

  7. Ran across your site today as I was checking out other CM blogs. Looks great! I have recently moved to Chiangmai after spending the last six years in China (originally from Canada).

  8. Hey Redmudstain!

    Came across your blog in looking for visa run options today in Chiangmai. And your blog, not unlike Chiangmai itself, kinda pulled me in. Over an hour later I realized I had been filtering through all your posts one by one, sadly making little progress on the visa issue.

    But still, great blog!!!



    • Hey Michael, thanks for taking so much time going through my posts! Hope they didn’t bore you to death haha. As for the visa runs, I just decided to book cheap flights on Air Asia to random countries – might as well use your visa run to see new places for a weekend!

  9. Hi Jess, nice blog! Thank you for following mine 🙂 Did we once meet at the quarry about 6 weeks ago? You were with your friend Ian…was that you?!

    • Hi Jillian,

      Yes! That was me. Love that place – you have really gorgeous photos of the quarry. We should all meet up sometime soon! Ian works up in the hills these days, but comes back to CM every weekend.

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