Desserts in Chiang Mai, The Shortlist (Khanom!)

Yes, I have a deep love for chewy, fudgy brownies, but sometimes, I need a little variety, a sort of rendezvous, a bit of playing the field.  Therefore, this post is dedicated to the “Other.”

My Secret Cafe


I could not rave about their Passion fruit cake more. It is a heavenly dessert baked gluten-free and light. The passion fruit flavor is blended in perfectly so that the cake is moist and retains a refreshing fruitiness. We came for one slice and ended up ordering two. Their chocolate brownie is delicious as well. The garden cafe is a bit out of the way, but well worth the journey. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention their curry dish! A fantastic and tasty khao-soi-like noodle curry, but with a heavy peanut and garlic flavor, yum! Facebook Page




Facebook Page

A great little find on the road between Nimman 3 and 5. The bakery makes the most delicious healthy smoothies and prides itself on using all natural ingredients, emphasis on real butter, in its baked goods. The owner is super sweet and it feels as if she truly cares about making each drink or dessert for you. The menu is a fun infographic of all her multi-fruit/vege smoothies.

Chuen Juice Bar


Real juice smoothies served in mason jars. Great blend, not too sweet and so hipster 😀


Janie Scoop


Wonderful thick & creamy ice cream, much needed in the land of 7-Eleven Wall’s Cornettos. It’s a simple shop serving up your well-known flavors, like chocolate mint and mocha fudge, as well as some odd ones, like banana cheese. Great quiet place to chill or chat with friends. On Nimman Soi 5.


Jun Jun


Moist and scrumptious gourmet cupcakes at 20baht each is a steal. One will leave you wanting more! It’s on the street parallel to and in between Nimman and Sirimankalajarn, near Soi 17.


W by Wanlamun

110 THB/pastry

A true French patisserie (vouched for by a Parisian)! The pastries are absolute perfection in your mouth – rich, yet delicate, sweet, yet refreshing, aesthetically wonderful, yet modest. Highly recommended and the 500THB bill will be worth it ;D

wanlamunIMG_1695 wanlamun

Sweetly Bitten

40 THB/cupcake

Online Store Only



Sweetly Bitten is awesome and the Baker, Meowie, is even better! Are you dying for warm oven-baked homemade red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or banana bread cupcakes with vanilla buttercream layered on top or maybe one of her wonderfully decorated fondant cakes for that special someone? Straight from Brooklyn, New York, Meowie does it right and with a spunky personality to boot. None of that air-pocketed grocery store cupcake stuff; she uses high grade ingredients and no preservatives. Plus, she generously donated over 3 dozen cupcakes to the 3-day Global Action Week event benefitting indigenous and migrant children education! Sure knows the way to my heart!

Butter is Better

Total: ~200THB

IMG_4359 IMG_4360

Hey Dudes and Dudettes, let’s get down to some groovy tunes at Butter is Better! Stepping into this cozy little diner is like entering a time warp back to a 1950’s American Midwest roadside diner.  No joke, I might have been the only young person there, besides the Thai waitress.  Maybe about 5 tables large and some funky red booth tables, all the seated patrons must have been over 50, lingering on the good ol’ days back in ‘merica.  Ardoned with beaded glasses, trucker hats and grandma sweaters, these retired Expats seemed to be livin’ it up with perfect country-style buttermilk pancakes, milkshakes and onion rings.  You think I would’ve felt out of place amongst all the Chevy truck, James Dean and Elvis tunes, but really, I felt like jumping out of my seat and doing the twist right there!  (ok, maybe I’ve been watching Pulp Fiction a bit too much.)

I usually find myself disappointed when it comes to Western Food in Chiang Mai, but this place hits the spot.  I ordered a BLT and chocolate chip cookies and I loved it!  Not anything special by USA standards, but solid and definitely a stand-out for Chiang Mai.  A lovely display of all their day’s cakes and pies are at the front counter: NY Cheesecake, brownies, chocolate pies, cream pies, etc. Their menu has a wide range of choices: pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, fried goodness and a bunch of baked goods (buttered up and delish!) – all in the style of America.  They served great coleslaw too! yummers

Double Click


Smoothies thick as honey make this a standout cafe. As with most cafes in the Nimman area, there’s a big bear painted on the front turquoise wall. I had the mango smoothie blended from real mangos and a huge dollop of fresh yoghurt. I was going to order the German sausage for dinner also, but my stomach was full. They also have a large menu of cocktails, some baked goods and crepe cakes that I didn’t try.


Love At First Bite 

Reviewed here!

Brownie Cheesecake and Arabica Coffee

Brownie Cheesecake and Arabica Coffee

Mango Tango


I love taking friends here because it’s a relaxed environment and reminiscent of my days in the US at Hong Kong dessert spots. Similar to the popular HK dessert hangouts, Mango Tango serves up everything sweet and refreshing, so long as it comes with mango! Sago (aw yeah), coconut milk, ice cream, pudding, red beans all compliment the main ingredient at this cool-down rest stop.




As an ice cream lover, I’m happy for places like iberry, which allows me to indulge in creamy homemade ice cream in strange, standard and Asian-inspired flavors. The ambience is…quirky. It screams vanity to say the least; I mean, the comedian-owner commissioned a huge 20ish-foot high yellow dog in his likeness to stand guard at the entrance of the restaurant and his face has manifested itself in plenty of other spots throughout the grounds. Is it a metaphor? Is it sarcasm? Is it just plain odd? Who knows, but I do love the uniquely stylized decor, the vibrant colors and the princess-esque comfy chairs. The garden area is lit up in lovely colorful lights and has a couple of hammocks!



Originally published on: Dec 13, 2012 @ 16:40


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  2. Awesome post! Definitely need to check a couple of these out for ourselves. We recommend I Like Ice Cream on Suthep Rd. Their cheese flavored ice cream that tastes just like Kraft Mac n’ Cheese 🙂 Banana cheese sounds way more exotic though…wow.

  3. Yummy post. I want! *breakdown* *breakdown* *breakdown*

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